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Medicare Annual Election Period Is About to Begin

September 27, 2022

Each fall, from October 15 to December 7, the Annual Election Period allows you to review different Medicare plans and choose one that best suits you.

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What to Do About That Mystery Mole

September 20, 2022

If you’re concerned about a strange mole or other skin blemish, definitely ask your primary care doctor for a referral to a dermatologist. But in the meantime, here’s what you should look for.

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A Surprising Way to Lower Your Dementia Risk

September 14, 2022

While we can’t always control everything that happens to our health, the good news is that there are proactive steps you can take to lower your dementia risk.

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A Simple Strategy to Lower Your Wine Consumption

September 12, 2022

Most doctors agree that light wine consumption is acceptable. It’s overindulging that’s the problem.

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What if You Work After Age 65? Do You Need to Enroll in Medicare?

August 24, 2022

If you’re covered by an employer’s group health insurance package, are you still required to enroll in Medicare?

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What Your Teeth Can Tell You About Your Health

August 17, 2022

Did you know that your teeth can tell you a lot about your health overall? Here’s what you need to know.

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How Do Medicare Beneficiaries Pay for Nursing Home Stays?

August 10, 2022

You might assume that Medicare covers the cost of a nursing home, but that’s a common error.

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3 Vision Symptoms You Must Take Seriously

August 4, 2022

If you notice any of the following three symptoms, you should take them very seriously and visit an ophthalmologist right away.

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